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One of France’s most prestigious motor racing writers and drivers, Jose Rosinksi, recently had the chance to test drive a Jaguar D-type for the first time. The was was an ex-Ecurie Ecosse and factory D-type raced by the team in 1955 and 1956. The test was for the September 2010 French edition of the English magazine Classic and Sports Car.

Rosinksi is well qualified to road test racing cars as he raced successfully in Formula Junior in the 1960s as well as at Le Mans. The car he tested arrived at Merchiston Mews in May 1955 supplied new to Ecurie Ecosse. It was chassis XKD502 and carried the registration number MWS302. Desmond Titterington was the first Ecosse driver to race it in the Ulster Trophy meeting at Dundrod that year where he finished first but due to the handicap system was classified second. It was regularly raced by Ninian Sanderson and towards the end of 1956 it was sold to Maurice Charles to make way for XKD561 that arrived at the mews in March 1956.

Maurice crashed the car heavily and had it built with a new body. It then passed through various hands and at one time was owned by Paul Michaels who owns Hexagon of Highgate and is a regular competitor on today’s Ecurie Ecosse Tours. Michaels brought the car to Ingliston when it was raced by Nick Faure; the last time the car raced in Scotland.

Sometime in the 1980’s it was rebuilt by Lynx and today carries one of those low-angle tail fins rather than the more angular original tail fins of the factory D-types and it still carries this body. The car went through many hands including the Hon. Patrick Lindsay and the Japanese collector Yoshijuki Hayashi in Japan before ending up with is present day French owner.

When the French version of Classic and Sports Car wanted to write an article on the car and have it road tested they called on Jose Rosinki and when we talked to him recently in the South of France he admitted that he had never driven a D-type Jaguar before but had been very impressed by its power and the fact that you could throw it about easily and still keep in control.

“it is one of the best sports cars I have ever tested”.

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