Ecurie Ecosse

Ecurie Ecosse cars were well represented at the recent 6oth anniversary meeting at Goodwood. Indeed part of the paddock had been set aside for Ecurie Ecosse and despite the fact the whole affair was to recognise the 60th anniversary of the Jaguar XK120 the organisers allowed Dick Skipworth to display most of his collection. Our former driver Hugh Chalmers drove down to the event taking Vernon Williamsons Ecosse-Imp.

Amongst the Ecurie Ecosse cars on show and being demonstrated on the Goodwood track were the D-type and C-type Jaguars owned by Dick Skipworth but Skipworth’s Tojeiro-Jaguar, Austin Healey Sprite and Cooper Monaco. The latter car was sidelined, however, with an engine problem.

Peter Neumark put on show the ex-Sir James Scott Douglas C-type Jaguar that he has imported from the USA – see separate story – and Derek Hood’s Lister-Jaguar. The Ecosse Tojeiro-Buick was also there.

Hugh Chalmers, however, had his dream answered when Dick Skipworth asked him to demonstrate his D-type Jaguar and all told Ecurie Ecosse came out well at the show with Jamie Scott Douglas’s original Jaguar XK120 fitting in nicely with the 60th anniversary.

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