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There was a great deal of disappointment that the Cooper-Climax recently bought by Ecurie Ecosse for historic racing was not ready to make its debut at the BRDC Silverstone Classic Meeting on July 24. However, current Ecurie Ecosse drivers Alasdair McCaig and Andrew Smith were still kept busy at the event. Alasdair and Andrew shared Smith’s Lola T70 Mk3B in the World Sports Car Masters race and were going well in a competitive field and holding 4th place before Andrew Smith brought the car in with a suspension problem. They lost five minutes in the pits before Alasdair went out again in 23rd place but after a determined drive they managed to come back and finish 8th. Alasdair McCaig was also invited to share an unique Cooper-Bristol sports car owned by Adrian Van Der Kroft – he competed on the Ecurie Ecosse Tour in his Ford Mustang the month before. This car has had an interesting history. It was originally a Cooper-Bristol Formula 2 car bought by London fishmonger John Barber. Barber raced at Charterhall in 1953 against Ecurie Ecosse’s own Cooper-Bristol driven by Jimmy Stewart. The original 1952 Cooper-Bristol run by Ecurie Ecosse was also racing at Silverstone driven by Scots domiciled Barry Wood. He finished well down the field however but was much happier in the Woodcote Trophy race where he and his son Tony took an impressive 4th overall with the Jaguar powered RGS-Atalanta

Barber converted his Cooper-Bristol racing car into a saucer-shaped sports car which was then involved in the tragic accident at the British Empire Trophy on the Isle of Man when Scotsman Jimmy Neilson was killed in his Frazer-Nash Le Mans Replica. Neilson’s car hit a bank and his body was thrown out right in front of the Cooper-Bristol. Barber sold the car and the new owner had the body you see here built by Peels of Kensington. The car disappeared for years but Adrian Van der Kroft has now restored it to its former glory and the car ran well in the race .

It was a good day for Scots drivers with John Chisholm winning the pre-1966 grand prix races on both days with his Lotus 18 grand prix car. John Clark from Aberdeen, who has raced under the Ecurie Ecosse banner, took a strong third place with his Cooper-Climax in one race but retired in the other. The other Scot in the race, James Willis finished 9th in his T45 Cooper.

Alasdair McCaig and Tony Wood were sharing Barry Wood’s Lister-Jaguar in the Sir Stirling Moss Trophy race, part of the World Sports Car Masters series and did well to take fifth overall finishing behind two former Ecurie Ecosse drivers, Richard Attwood and Bobby Verdon-Roe driving an Aston Martin DBR1.

The next race for Alasdair McCaig will be the Oulton Park Gold Cup in August as the Cooper-Climax will be ready in time.

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