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We like to keep track of all the racing cars raced by Ecurie Ecosse over the years and are always interested to hear from racing car collectors and enthusiasts who may have specific information on any of the cars run by the team.

For example, one of the Ecurie Ecosse C-type Jaguars recently returned to Britain from the USA. The car is XKC 046 (Registration MVC630) which was bought by Sir James Scott Douglas in April 1953. “Jamie”, who was one of the three original Ecurie Ecosse drivers, decided to sell his Jaguar XK120 and follow team-mate Ian Stewart and buy a C-type for the 1953 racing season. At the same time Ecurie Ecosse welcomed two new members of the team, Jimmy Stewart from Dumbuck and Ninian Sanderson from Glasgow whose fathers had bought them brand new C-type Jaguars so that they could join Ecurie Ecosse. The Stewart car was XKC 041 and the Sanderson car XKC 042.

Because Jaguar had started a production run of customer C-types there was great demand and Sir James could not get on the waiting list so he contacted Delacroix, the Paris agents for Jaguar, and ordered his one as an “export” delivery which was how he came to get his car.

The writer met up with Sir James Scott Douglas the first time he ran the car, which was at Castle Combe in 1953, and he won. His finest result with the car was finishing second in the Spa 24 hour race that year sharing it with Guy Gale. Though Jamie was not the fastest of the four Ecurie Ecosse drivers that year he was consistent and was to retire from racing at the end of the season.

Sir James sold the car to well known English club driver Berwyn Baxter who had a lot of success with it in club events during the 1954 and 1955 seasons. For the 1955 season he sold the C type to Max Trimble who was later to buy one of the ex-Ecurie Ecosse D-type Jaguars. The next owner, Lord Ebury, was fatally injured when he crashed at Prescott Hill Climb in 1957.

Not much is known about the repaired C-type until it came into the hands of Tom May who spent 15 years restoring it. Tony Hildebrand sold it to Lord Anthony Rufus-Izaacs who owned it until the mid-1980’s when Adrian Hamilton sold it to American collector and enthusiast Tony Wang (Wang Computers). Tony often brought the car to historic events in the USA.

Now XKC 046 has returned to Britain and is owned by Peter Neumark who also owns the classic D-type Jaguar OKV1 that used to be raced by Duncan Hamilton. Peter hopes to have the car checked over and prepared for historic racing in 2008.

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